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A Tour of The Facilities:

Come with me on a Tour of the Facilities

Camping sites for both tents and caravans. 

Each site is grassed and level.  Space limits the numbers we can accommodate, so you won’t be too close to your neighbour.  You will have a hedge behind and an open aspect in front of your pitch.  The four electrical hook-ups for tents & caravans are available on a first come first served basis.  Pure, crystal clear, water from our own bore hole and certified annually by local authority is dispensed from numerous stand pipes.

The gardens and grounds

The club grounds are split into four different areas.  (i) The gate field has three static caravans and space for 2/3 camping pitches.  (ii) The top field has sixteen static caravans and space for a mixture of 8 tents, trailers or (4 max) touring caravans.  (iii) The cottage and surrounding amenities  All camping areas have well maintained grass pitches.  Each static ‘van owner stamps their own individual personality on his surrounding domain.  You’ll be intrigued by the topiary of the 2 metre high oak trees and other specimens formed and maintained by our members.  Formal gardens are, in general, confined to the pool and cottage lawn. Various permanent benches and picnic tables are littered around offering peaceful views, welcome rest or just somewhere to eat.
Crin Cottage, surrounding building and amenities.

The Cottage, which retains its original name from the 1800s, is the focal point of the club.  Nestling in a closed valley which gave it, its name, it is invisible to all.  Until, that is, you start your descent down one of the three surrounding paths.  It is in this area you will get the best reception for your Wi FiOn cool days the smoke from the chimney of the wood burner will guide you safely there. The kitchen is available for all members, visitors and campers.  There is a double sink, ample worktop area, three fridges, a full size, catering, gas oven, a microwave, kettles and a small dining table available for the use of all.  Be aware – it is the tradition, when the bell rings, usually at 11:00 & 15:00 hours for complimentary tea or coffee and sometimes biscuits.  All are welcome to meet, chat and catch up with events. The snug is heated when necessary by a black, windowed, log burner.  Limited tables and chairs make it a cosy place for meeting on cooler days.  It is here you’ll find the telephone, ‘signing in’ book and notice board.  For visitors there are a number of tourist leaflets of surrounding attractions and for everyone the small video and book library. A veranda spreads across the front of the cottage.  It is furnished with plentiful seating and a sloping Perspex canopy offering protection from any rain or, even, shade from the sun.  You are now looking south and caught in a wonderful suntrap.  Now, imagine if you will, a column of terraced amenities gently sloping away from the cottage veranda. The cottage lawn is where we all meet for communal sunbathing and gossip.  Four very large benches face each other so nobody is left out.  From the lawn, a latched gate takes you down into the fenced swimming pool and garden area.  The oval shaped pool is a fully filtered, delight.  Three separate benches allow you to sit back and admire the mass of colour of the flowers or watch over the children in the pool. A must, is to relax in the new Hot Tub which is elegantly housed in it's own Gazebo.  Leave the pool area by the same gate and continue down towards the woods.  By the tiny statuette, set in sandstone, you must decide whether to carry on down stone steps or the grassy slopes.  The steps take you past the four large solar panels, inclined towards the south to gain maximum benefit from any sun we should get.  Move on to the Miniten Court; a mini Wimbledon where the energetic cannot only play doubles .  It is on this concreted area that we erect the marquee for the annual biennial Friends & Neighbours evening.  With its elevated aspect, it makes the perfect viewing platform from which to watch the annual Boules Competition against our nearest naturist friends from Telford Naturist Club. The Boules Court has three separate pitches; ample for playing the 24 different ‘ends’ of the Telford competition.  Spectator and player seating is available at both ends and the full length of the Miniten court has a sandstone retaining wall which offers even more seating.  Directly opposite the sandstone seating is a two metre high, laurel, hedge which screens the woods and beyond.  Detached from the cottage three toilet & shower blocks his, hers   In each block, hot and cold water supplies the shower and two wash basins.  The two, flushing, WCs also provide for waste disposal and a utility tap completes the plumbing.  I’ll leave you to guess where the one urinal is. The secure, solid, tool shed houses, amongst other things, the lawn mowers should you fancy a spot of grass cutting. Behind the cottage, adjacent to the shed is the relatively new Bakehouse; so called because this apparently was the site of the Old Bakehouse.  This L shaped building is where we hold most of our indoor gatherings.  The carpeted function room  with a pool table and large t.v screen has ample table and seating with excellent natural light making it a great place to entertain. Your tour is nearly over, but before you leave, look at the sheer sandstone wall behind the Bakehouse.  Look closely and you’ll see small footholds carved in the face.  It is here we anticipate sandstone building blocks were cut.   Finally you may like to sit and reflect on the single bench of the Bakehouse lawn.  In front, look down the long perspective that is Crin Cottage and it’s many facets.  Look left, up the grassy path and see the entrance gates where your journey began. 

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