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Introduction to Wrekin View

Let me introduce you to our Club

You are already deep in the heart of Shropshire just 14 miles from Telford  when you turn off the main road onto a single track lane.  You are now a mile from your final destination.  Down the dip then up again but beware of the cows!  At milking time the road can be totally blocked.  But don’t worry, the friendly farmer or one of his sons will happily chat until the herd passes.  Carry on past another cottage, The Manor, the duck pond on the left and get ready to fork off right.  Avoid the bank and you’re on the drive leading to our club.  Turn sharp right by the old large fir tree; say “hello” to the horses and sheep grazing on the left or the wild life in the hedge row on the right.  Carry on up the drive and stop at the large double wrought iron gates and, you’re there.  Through the gates, on the left, the naked lady sculpted by a past member waits to greet you.  Welcome to Wrekin View, aka (also known as) Crin Cottage; all will become obvious as you get to know the place. 

Founded in 1963, Wrekin View is a Naturist Club for the whole family.  The five acre site, situated in a quiet, rural, part of county surrounded only by hills and natural boundaries makes it the perfect setting for naturists.  Crin is a Members’ Club which we own with great pride.  Transformation from the derelict cottage and scrubland purchased in the 60’s - to the modern, well cultivated, well furnished grounds and facilities we have today, bears testament to all the hard work past and present members have put in over the years.  Still to this day members lavish TLC on it, just for the sheer joy of being there.  Static caravans accommodate some of our members but visitors are most welcome to join us.  Chose either a day visit, or stay longer in your own tent or caravan.  Situated in the middle of nowhere - we are but a stone’s throw away - from almost anywhere.

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