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Information & Rules for visitors

Wrekin View Naturist Club is A NUDISIT CLUB and hence this is expected when conditions allow when the sunshine's and the conditions are warm we expect members and visitors to be naked.
But we always apply common sense. Foul and abusive language will not be tolerated any where on site
Body piercing is not allowed below the wasit.
BAR  We do not have a licence bar but you are welcome to bring your own alcoholic drinks down to our club house  
  Changes to the terms of our Insurance and Child Protection legislation now requires all visitors to have photo id and proof of residence, e.g. driving licence and utility bill.  Full details will be on the Registration form sent with your booking confirmation.  In compliance with the Data Protection Act this information is available only to our officers and will be destroyed after 12 months.  Wrekin View is a family orientated NATURIST club where good moral behaviour is expected and demanded.  Without it our club cannot exist.  Our children's safety is the highest priority to all of our members and will be vigorous observed. 

The five acre site, situated in a quiet, rural, part of the county surrounded only by hills and natural boundaries makes it the perfect setting for naturists who can be naked anywhere within the boundaries. 

To comply with Fire Regulations and our Insurance Policy conditions, everyday when on site, all members must sign the Diary/Day Book.  All visitors are required to do the same.

For insurance purposes, if not already completed - on arrival - all visitors must fill in the registration form listing all in their party.  Temporary membership cards will be issued and the gate lock number, disclosed.
We have no ATM facilities, payment can be made by bank transfer, details will be provided at time of confirmation of you booking. A minimum non refundable deposit of £25 is required at the time of booking, and completion of balance 28 days before arrival. Bookings made within 28 days of arrival must be paid in full at the time of the  booking. Block bookings for seperate groups with individual accommodation, e.g. two caravans, is acceptable.  However, this must be made clear at the time of the booking.  Also, at the time of booking the numbers in the party should be declared.

Portable toilets may be emptied on site but must not contain any chemicals - including 'green' products.  Past experience has shown that these can have an adverse affect on our sewerage disposal system rendering it ineffective.  Then we're all in it!  Your cooperation will be very much appreciated.

As a practice we cannot, and do not, have an opinion on genital jewellery for personal adornment.  However, this is not a practice permitted within the normal view of members.

Photography is permitted but under very tight control.  You may use your camera with your own party within the confines of your own, tent, caravan or site.  To venture outside of this envelope, e.g. your group in the pool, you must obtain a committee member's permission.  You must ensure no other member or visitor is within view, without first obtaining their explicit permission.

Under our Club Rules, we have no provision to accommodate any pets. 

We have no shop. With the exception of complimentary light refreshments available in the cottage kitchen, i.e. tea, coffee and sometimes squash & biscuits, you need to be self sufficient with all your own provisions. Shops in the small villages, three & five miles away, should be able to supply all your needs. 

Unfortunately, the club does not benefit from a Council waste collection.  Hence members and visitors, alike, have to manage their own waste.  We have an incinerator in the woods where combustible waste can be burnt. Other items, such as bottles & cans, should be removed by yourself.

The club has no paid workers and hence the very reasonable fees for all. To keep the grounds, buildings and facilities in the excellent order you find them, takes effort. So all members are invited to do their bit in whatever way they can.

Lack of light pollution makes it a perfect place to be for star gazing on clear nights.

To arrange a day visit, or check site availability for short breaks - please check out the BOOKING FORM

To become a member we require you to have three trial visits. These are usually arranged for week-ends, mostly Saturdays and Sundays, when we have more members there to welcome you.

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